guitarIts a grrreeaaat day for hiking… that is if you’re planning on going to Scotland so that you can walk 130 kms from one side of the country to the other! Its dark and stormy out, we have all our rain gear ready to go, all I need is a big umbrella that I can stick in my backpack so I can take photos while I’m walking! If i can get a picture of the contraption I will. I hope to be hands free in the rain under the umbrella, rainy day shots can be really nice but most people aren’t out in that kinda weather to capitalize on the opportunity.

Here is a quick shot from an event at Maple Avenue Baptist church (go baptist!). David  playing some guitar.  Takin with my borrowed 50mm F2.0.

Back to rainy day hikes, I might have some pictures to post later, ooh, I can see the sun a bit through the clouds, the worst might be over. Rain is good though, it means there will be a LOT less people on the trails! I love inclement weather, cause that mean people are afraid to go outdoors and then we have it all to ourselves! You appreciate it when you live in the GTA. On a sunny saturday or sunday afternoon, ALL the trails are packed with people, so much so that nature ceases to be nature it seems. Its not a forest if you’re passing people on the trail every 3 seconds 🙁

Ok, well have my camera charged up, hiking gear laid out, house somewhat cleaned up as we have a big day tomorrow with the ‘inlaws’ coming over. I’m off to get some real work done!

Oh, and one more thing, had a great time at 5th wheel with James, Dave, and Joel. At 8am,… IN THE MORNING, ON  A SATURDAY 😛  Such a sacrifice to get up so early! 5th Wheel rules! You should go to 5th wheel. Check it out here:

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