I’m such a slacker with the blogs 🙁 Been busy lately making / updating websites, watching prophecy. Had a bunch of rants in my mind to type about on ye olde blog. Lets blog about religion, thats fun!

So I’m pumped about this pandemic. I’m excited about big things happening in the world to begin with. See,.. our generation, and many since (is there just one, or a couple now? I’m pretty old). My parents and grandparents had major wars to deal with in life, hardships, uncertainties. Somehow we’re coasting. Maybe Iraq, and this economic thing are similar in magnitude to some of the things our ‘elders’ went through, to me though, all has been boring so far. The kids these days need to be conscripted into a big war, something to focus the attention of the country, away from less important things like, … well anything in politics that seem important today. We as a country need a big event, and event horizon as they say in, um, quantum mechanics? So big episode that gets us all together, binds us as man together as astickman country, together as a world against some mighty evil power. We, and the youth are bored these days, so we / they act out, become materialistic, get away from a simple life that at one time WAS the dream. The dream now is money money money, big house, maybe kids… maybe not,… leased big fancy car, the latest apple gadget (i’m on that wagon 😉 ), and generally any other shiny thing we can put on credit. Sorta what got us into the financial crisis anyways. Canada is pretty good apparently considering what has happened in other countries.

We don’t know what it is to be content anymore. Again, i’m raising my hand. I’m trying to appreciate the simple things more and more. My excuse for a camera is to capture the simplicity of things around us, ironic yup. I like capturing moments that would otherwise slip by, maybe they would be appreciated more if I just enjoy the moment. Ohwell.

So yes, now on to christians, sometimes we need a ‘faith crisis’ to help us focus on what is most important. Just like a big war consumed our grandparents (my generation grandparents).  But, thanks to God and His word, I think we’ll see that soon enough. So I’m excited to see how the bible predicts that the world will unfold, unravel, and how Gods truth will be revealed to those who are willing to listen in all of it!

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