Hockey Season

I’ve finally been able to watch some hockey. I watched my first full game the other day in… like 2 years or something. We seem to be too busy, or have too many other distractions. You have to sit down for 3 HOURS to watch a game eh… now that i’m a … sigh … adult, I have other responsibilities and jobs. BORing. Nice to see some canadian teams in the playoffs!

On D90s, my obsession of late, the money is coming along, have $800 now / scheduled in the pipes for the next month, woot. Think I’ll go with the body alone first, and then next year get a fancier lens. The whole kit with tax would be like 1600 bucks 🙁 boo-urns indeed. The body alone will be,.. oh,… with tax… 1200 or so. Hey, its a rockin sockin camera 😉 . Thanks to side jobs, I’m able to save some money up for these toys.

BUT, I do have a plan, a money making plan, to make the camera work for me. I’m looking at joining the likes of ‘’ and other such outfits, and sell video clips. Gonna see if I can make a go of it,… or even if I can sell 1. I should have great opportunities for scenery in PEI so i’m pumped for that. The royalties can be good it seems and now is the time to get in,…. if not 3 years ago, but HD digicams were real expensive 3 years ago. I’m hoping I’m getting in at the right time before the market is over-saturated. Hey, I’ll never know if I can make money at it unless I try right! So stay tuned for that. My thought is to focus on macro vids, small animals, scenery, some sports maybe. Time lapse productions seem to do ok as well, I just have to be creative about what kind of timelapse, I think the city skyline is overdone a bit already..

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