Another blog on human eyes

Ok, reading up on HDR, finding out about its history and how man strives to record an image true to real life. Blog after Article after Story, I keep reading that we have to use these HDR techniques using multiple exposures, post processing with tone mapping etc and why? Because we’re trying to make what comes out of the digital camera look somewhere near what our eyes just provide us optically out of the box, or out of the ground biblically speaking. God designed the eye, its not a random occurrence. And try as we might with all the technology we have we still can’t correctly expose an image digitally or on film … We take it SO for granted that we see all these amazing colours, that our eyes have such a dynamic range already, and they have anti-dust mechanisms, you pay big bucks for that on SLR. We have chromatic aberration correction and barrel distortion correction built, in as well. At least … as far as I can SEE. Eyes are awesome things created by an AWESOME God!

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