Do all you boys and girls know what HDR is?? The quick answer is that its a photo created from 2 or more other photos with¬†varying¬†exposures to make the exposure across the image more neutral I guess you would say. so dark spots aren’t dark and over exposed spots aren’t over exposed. Anyways, read about it here:
Wikipedia – HDR

Here is my first attempt at HDR. This photo was taken in PEI,


just happened to have two photos with different exposures at the same spot. they are not perfect aligned as the original weren’t taken on a tripod or anything… It works though. Click on the image to see it full size. The big thing are the colours, the depth of colours stand out because of the HDR processing… So there ya go, try it yourself!

Oh, and thanks to Photomatix for the software, its just an eval copy, hence the watermarking.

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