EDIT: I’m gonna add to my pros and cons list some more… there are other features that I don’t have on my A2

I’ve been researching and researching the D90. Its been on my mind for quite anikon_d90while. While it is an incredible still photo camera / SLR, i’m having trouble with the lack of some of the features in my A2. AND, my A2 can do most of the things the D90 can. The bigs ones are pulling focus with manual focusing (yes, the A2 can do that) and the shallow depth of field (the A2 has this as well).

The Pros:

  • Hey, its a new toy
  • Incredible still photos
  • High def video @ 720P
  • interchangeable lenses
  • Bulb exposure (my A2 only does 30 seconds max which isn’t ideal for really cool star shots)
  • Low light capabilities
  • Flash Range

The Cons:

  • no time lapse on board
  • no auto focus in movie mode (A2 can do it, although I find manual focus is often better then having the auto focus search throughout the video)
  • Only 720P (though apparently this looks basically as good as 1080i on for example the Canon 5D Mark II)
  • I’ve read in some reviews that the videos from the D90 aren’t importable by iMovie, you have to render them as .mov or something first 🙁 Thats a lame pain in the bottom. – most other places are saying that the vids work most of the time, I downloaded a sample clip and it imported fine in iMovie 08 – perfect!
  • No options for 30 FPS or 60FPS – 24FPS has a cool effect but its almost surreal the videos you get from it, 50 years from now as we’re watching home movies, I think I’ll appreciate the more natural real time look of 30FPS. yes it makes a difference 😉
  • Expensive – CDN, its about $1500 to get the body and a lens
  • No articulating screen

So there are a number of ‘issues’ or at least features I need to get over not having before I can get a D90. The A2 takes EXCELLENT quality photos too, I’ve had no troubles AT ALL with it so I can’t claim the step up to a D90 will get us 100% better quality photos… Its just not that big of a leap. So can I rationalize spending so much money on it? Well… not right now. I think the A2 has plenty to keep me going and more features than basically any other camera on the market right now.

I’m secretly hoping they upgrade the firmware to provide options like onboard time lapse and 1080i option for movies, and extending the movie length from 5 minutes max to… well even 15 or 20. So for now, i’ll save a little here and there, maybe looking for a next gen D90 or an upgrade to it. I would like to get a Nikon just because I haven’t owned one and I do think they are the best (my personal opinion)

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