Valentines Post

sparkler heart Its valentines so here is the sparkler heart, I’ve pulled it out a few times over the years. Made by Lindsey herself I believe. This will be our 4th valentines together… I think, pretty sure, Oct 1st, 2005.

Hey, maybe I’ll post a vid too… ok, stay tuned, that is next..




So here are my top 10 reasons for loving Lindsey:

  1. Her long beautiful hair
  2. Her outdoorsyness
  3. Her willingness to help others
  4. How outgoing she is
  5. Her smile 🙂
  6. The fact that she likes to go on adventures with me
  7. She loves me back
  8. Her UBER intelligence
  9. Her gentle spirit
  10. And her love for Jesus and her faith

Happy Valentines babe!

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