Had our  sunday afternoon nap. Somehow we’ve gotten hooked on it. I didn’t complain cause I’m SO sore from hockey last night. Scored 3 goals! woot, and a few assists. I was actually feeling real good on the ice, I think partly from our big hikes up north over christmas. See the new gallery below, ‘Hillsburgh Hockey’. I’m SO pumped to be playing again. Its been literally years since I’ve played regularly. Its just shinny with what used to be a couple of churches. Its now really a collection of friends of friends of friends that continue it on.

Where do I hang all my equipment in our tiny 1 bedroom apartment you say?? Well the kitchen of course 😉 So far the equipment doesn’t smell that bad but I keep a bottle of Febreeze near by and douse it every once and a while. Actually, and heres a tip for any hockey players reading this, it actually works to wash your equipment, shorts, elbow pads and all. Hockey is grrreat exercise for me, especially since I spend most of my days sitting in a chair in front of a radiation box (read: monitor). However, I do dream of one day having a garage and a basement for these things too. We’ll see how soon the Lord comes back. Can’t wait for Jesus to return but at the same time, we’re planning ahead with our lives and dreaming big for the years ahead.

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