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I must temper my words, in this day and age, and especially with this technology (the Internet), and PC’ness. I’m big into prophecy, I really think its one HUGE under taught pieces of the bible. These days in our churches, pastors, teachers etc often shy away from teaching it. It doesn’t make sense to them, or the book or revelation can’t be understood, or the classic argument that many hold that it causes too much division and not enough good. I think those reasons are kinda lame.

There are many well known authors who have studied prophecy their whole lives who have something good to say about the book of Daniel, Revelation and all other books in the bible that relate to prophecy. In-fact prophecy is placed throughout the bible, whether fulfilled or to be fulfilled. Studying the book or Revelation or bible prophecy in general can prove to be an excellent tool for turning ears, keeping attention,  increasing hope and joy in a christians life. After all, this is really the Hope that we have right, that the Lord comes back, so if God provides details as to when He will come back, signs of the times, birth pains, etc, why are we not willing to study it as much as any other part of the bible??  I see what is effectively a complete lack of teaching at the local level (EDIT: now I’m not just talking about my local church though I’ve encouraged our church to speak on it as well, I’m talking about all denominations.

I find it a rare event that we hear a good series on prophecy). Sure there are some great teachers online but most people who go to church sadly I think don’t do a whole lot of bible study once they ‘put in their time’ sunday morning. So, as was always the case, the local church is the best place to reach those who at minimum attend sunday morning services out of duty or habit. Another excuse is that the prophecy teachers say that His return is JUST AROUND THE CORNER, and that for hundreds of years the teachers have been saying that. I think if you match what the bible says up to the news these days, its VERY relevant, and quite arguably a key time to be alive. So who can you listen to? Check out: Steve Hadleys website. He has a lot of great teaching on the end times, current events etc. Also, Chuck Missler here. And the old stand by, Jack Van Impe. People have so many opinions about him, can you say though that he is saying anything incorrectly though?? Check him out at There are so many more great speakers, check it out. Revelation 1:3 says: 

  God blesses the one who reads this prophecy to the church, and he blesses all who listen to it and obey what it says. For the time is near when these things will happen.

So, those are blessed that read THIS prophecy (Revelation). How many pastors teach it? Seems like a throw away chapter these days.

ok, well I’ll have more to say a little later, stay tuned.

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